The Official Launch of AlgoFin!

Hi and thanks for signing up to this newsletter! Before I start releasing actual content, I wanted to quickly outline what you can expect on this platform, at least in the short term.

Every weekend, I will be releasing a report on the previous week’s performance in the currency markets. I’m still designing the dashboards, but I’ll begin sharing them as soon as I can. This will focus on the major and minor currency pairs, but will touch on aspects of the global economy as a whole. I will include data on commodities, equities and bonds since these 3 markets, in addition to currencies, are inextricably linked. The report will contain charts of the previous week, news article summaries, information on upcoming economic releases, sentiment metrics and in the future, the results from a series of algorithmic methods attempting to forecast the following week’s performance. As with every piece of work I release on this platform, if you have any questions or recommendations, please feel free to add them in the comments or email me at algofin@outlook.com. I will be constantly updating the design and structure of these reports and would be extremely eager to incorporate your own ideas into them as well.

In addition to the weekly reports, I will also be writing articles, both on the current state of the global markets and also some theoretical walkthroughs that will help you make the most of the information available. These will cover a broad range of topics, from developing a trading philosophy to writing the code for a predictive algorithm through to more topical subjects, such as the importance of the housing market to investors or why a currency like the NZD/JPY is so volatile.

There’s a huge scope to cover in this discipline and my hope is to chip away at this, week by week. Every article will aim to help you understand the reports better and to view the currency markets in a more holistic way before diving in on the specifics.