Merging the world of mathematical modelling and finance, with a focus on currencies.

Welcome to Algo Fin! My aim for this newsletter is combine my knowledge of Data Science and the Financial Markets to give you a source of information on current happenings and educational pieces on how to turn information into actionable insights and then to profit. My main expertise lies in commodities and currencies and this newsletter will initially be focused on the latter, but I hope to also publish some work on the equities markets in the future.

In addition to the articles I write, I’m also looking to build some interactive content. This might be in the form of live dashboards or reports with filters you’ll be able to adjust and play around with. The idea is to provide you with access to information and models so that the financial decisions you make will be well-informed. For the most part, these dashboards will be available to the paying subscribers, but I haven’t fully launched this section of the newsletter yet, so until I do, I will make some of these tools available to everyone.

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